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A Court has found that the previous owners of this outlet store shopping website, CHANEL BAGS OUTLET, had been selling replica Chanel handbags. As a result, the Court’s decision removed ownership from the replica bag sellers and then granted CHANEL ownership of the domain,, to prevent it from being used for illicit purposes again in the future.


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Fashion C L Handbags called itself a "cheap chanel handbags outlet" and stated on their online shop that their Chanel knockoff bags and wallets were like the authentic. No replica will live up to the luxurious quality and high value of an authentic CHANEL bag.

Chanel Bag Mall was an online replica Chanel handbag outlet that appeared to focus its attention on authentic Chanel handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and jewelry. However, what was really for sale were knockoff Chanel bags. Filled with articles about Chanel, which lead the reader directly to an e-commerce page filled with fakes.

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